Believe That You Will Figure It Out!

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Those who are highly motivated and successful always believe. They believe in their goals, they believe in their purpose, they believe in themselves and they believe that they will figure it out! If you want to be great and remembered in life, you have to be a problem solver. Problems are not bad things even though most people look at them in a negative way. Problems allow people to come up with solutions. Without problems there would be no opportunity for success. A business I consult (check them out at has adopted this motto from me as their slogan. They are willing to do whatever it takes to figure their customers’ problems out and guess what… They had the best quarter they have ever had once they implemented this way of thinking.

Regardless of what you do, whether you are a teacher, a business man, an athlete or a student you need to believe that you will figure things out. Even if you aren’t sure how to do something the best answer is I will figure it out, not I don’t know. I don’t know does nothing for your business or job or your role on a team, or your credibility. Having the mentality of “I don’t know” or “I can’t” will belittle you in other peoples’ eyes. They aren’t interested in people who can’t do or do know something. This is why you have to believe in yourself that you will always be able to figure out, solve and push through the task at hand.

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Started From The Bottom

started from the bottom

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For those of you who think you can’t make it, that you are too underprivileged and poor… You are wrong. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your mom does or your dad does. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, orange or purple. It doesn’t matter how smart or skilled you are. You. Can. Make. It. To. The. Top.

One of my best friends is from Detroit. He had a mother who neglected him and a father who left him. He basically grew up on the streets. Talk about starting from the bottom. He forced himself to graduate high school, worked to put himself through college to earn his undergraduate degree. College is where I met my boy and we clicked instantly. Now he owns five different businesses at the age of 27. Yes, I said five. Just so you know I’m not bluffin’ you can check out one of his company sites at It makes him a killing.

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Why Power Over Will Power

why power

Starting businesses has always been a passion of mine. The very first business I ever started was a limousine company called Elizabeth Limos. To learn more about the company and how I actually was able to found it at such a young age, go to my about page at I know many of you out there who follow my blog also are passionate about entrepreneurship and founding companies. Even if you are not, what I am going to be touching on is still highly applicable to you.

So… why power over will power. What does that even mean? I touched on some aspects of this topic previously in one of my posts called What’s Your Why but I want to discuss this further because I think it is so vital. Choices are only meaningful when they are connected to goals and dreams. In order to be successful in anything, you have to want something and know why you want it otherwise you will give up too easily. Many people who often have goals in mind just try to will their way to achieving their goals without truly knowing what their reason or why is. This is so difficult because it relies solely mind power and external motivation. There is no deeper level of meaning or feeling involved with just will power.

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“I have to” vs “I choose to”

Why is motivating yourself so hard? It is easy to be motivated for a short period of time, or to be motivated to do something that you love or that is easy, but to be motivated when the going gets tough and when it really matters is difficult. The core of motivation is all in the way a person thinks. When people don’t want to do something, but they know they need to, they have the “I have to” mentality. Many people have this mindset when it comes to work or to school or to work around their house. They are never thinking about the positives of these things or how they enhance life.

Those who can motivate themselves more easily and for much longer periods of time are the ones who have the “I choose to” mindset. They still don’t like doing things such as waking up extra early to go to work or to go to the gym, but they know in their mind that ultimately they are choosing to do this. They choose to push themselves and do things that are difficult because they know it will enhance their lives and is what is best for them. Technically, they don’t have to do it. They could be extremely average or even homeless if they wanted.

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1MR – One more rep, this is a concept I live by. If you don’t regularly work out, don’t worry. It doesn’t only apply to lifting weights and getting swoll. It applies to all areas of life.

Most people do just enough. Just enough to get by without having to work too hard. This is a typical way of life for many people in our nation and in the world. Well I am here to tell you that if you want to see success in your work, in your relationships, in getting fit and in any other area of life, you have to have the mindset of 1MR!

When you have made over 100 sales calls at work and the day is coming to an end but you know you need to make a few more sales, give it one more rep. Make those extra few calls to make the sale! When you come home from work and don’t want to do anything but sit your lazy butt on the couch and watch TV, think of those who you love. Give it one more rep and spend meaningful time with them, even if it just fifteen minutes. When you are in the gym and you have been lifting weights or are doing cardio and are exhausted, think about how that extra last few minutes of pushing through could take you to the next level. Give it one more rep.

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What’s Your Why

What is your why

Why do you do what you do? It is a simple question, but most people don’t even know how to answer it. Too many people in today’s world are simply going through the motions never giving 100% at what they do. What a boring, average and sad way to live life!!!

People without a reason for doing something are like chickens running around with their heads cut off. They struggle to find a purpose and a direction to move in. Your why has to be deep. It has to pull on your heartstrings and push you to get out of bed in the mornings. If your why is not meaningful to you then it will not drive you when you are struggling and wanting to quit. One of my whys is to retire my parents before they turn 60. I have a couple years left. How many people in their mid twenties are able to retire their parents? Not many, it is a difficult feat. But nothing can stop me because my why burns deep.

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Ya Boy’s First Post

Eyy there everyone. If you didn’t already check out my page that describes a little more about who I am please do so now.

I am all about being great, nothing to do with being a psychic… but if you go to my about page you will find out why I chose that name. More and more people in our world everyday are finding it harder to become more self motivated. This is sad.

So… my blog is designed to whip you back in shape and to motivate you so that you can achieve your goals. Don’t think it will work? Well if you have that mindset then it sure as hell won’t. If you apply some of the concepts and motivational subjects that I will be covering it truly could be a huge difference maker in your life.

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