Ya Boy’s First Post

Eyy there everyone. If you didn’t already check out my page that describes a little more about who I am┬áplease do so now.

I am all about being great, nothing to do with being a psychic… but if you go to my about page you will find out why I chose that name. More and more people in our world everyday are finding it harder to become more self motivated. This is sad.

So… my blog is designed to whip you back in shape and to motivate you so that you can achieve your goals. Don’t think it will work? Well if you have that mindset then it sure as hell won’t. If you apply some of the concepts and motivational subjects that I will be covering it truly could be a huge difference maker in your life.

Don’t be average like most of the people in the world. Be great! Strive to be the absolute best you can be everyday. Whether you want to read this site in the morning with breakfast, in the middle of the day at work, or at night before you go to bed, study it and apply it!

Shortly in the next few days I will be starting my campaign of feeding you inspirational knowledge. In the mean time check out this video from one of my mentors… ET The Hip Hop Preacher, also known as Eric Thomas. He is the absolute man and is what you need right now. Trust me.

Again, don’t be afraid to hit me up with an email!