“I have to” vs “I choose to”

Why is motivating yourself so hard? It is easy to be motivated for a short period of time, or to be motivated to do something that you love or that is easy, but to be motivated when the going gets tough and when it really matters is difficult. The core of motivation is all in the way a person thinks. When people don’t want to do something, but they know they need to, they have the “I have to” mentality. Many people have this mindset when it comes to work or to school or to work around their house. They are never thinking about the positives of these things or how they enhance life.

Those who can motivate themselvesĀ more easily and for much longer periods of time are the ones who have the “I choose to” mindset. They still don’t like doing things such as waking up extra early to go to work or to go to the gym, but they know in their mind that ultimately they are choosing to do this. They choose to push themselves and do things that are difficult because they know it will enhance their lives and is what is best for them. Technically, they don’t have to do it. They could be extremely average or even homeless if they wanted.

Side note, for a great readĀ on motivation and how it truly works within us, here is an article from Forbes called The Science Behind Motivation.

The motivated and most successful recognize it is a choice to be great. It is an option everyone has. It isn’t something they have to do. Changing your self talk is crucial too. Tell yourself you choose to do something that you probably would rather not do instead of telling yourself you have to do something. It helps you acknowledge the fact that you have free will and that there is probably a good reason as to why you are doing what you are doing. So at the beginning and end of each day, remind yourself that what you do is because you choose to, not because you have to.

For those of you who have been tuning in with my blog I surely appreciate it. Another great article I wrote on pushing yourself and being motivated is 1MR. Be sure to check it out, you won’t want to miss it. I will catch ya on the flip side and be coming at you with another great post soon! Have an awesome day. Peace!