About Ya Boy


Hey there, its ya boy James but you can just call me J. By the sound of this site, you probably think I am some freak who thinks I have psychic powers. Well that is not what I am about at all. The word psychic refers to “people’s ability to receive and understand information that can`t be seen by everyone.”

The purpose of my blog is to motivate and inspire people… Period. Too many people do not have the ability to receive and understand information regarding the topic of motivation and achieving greatness, so I want to change that.

Even though this may be a weird name for a blog, it doesn’t mean I don’t have value to offer. “Psychic” or not, for those of you who want to be motivated and learn how to become more self motivated so that you can achieve your goals and aspirations, this is the blog for you.

The more people that can understand the power of inspiration and motivation the better they will be and the more productive our society will become. So┬ábe checkin’ in and learn how to receive and understand this valuable information that most others can… Just like the psychics do.